The vinifications of our wines observe modern oenology criteria.

    Following the harvest, the vintage is led directly to the pressing room. Upon arrival, it is carefully controlled.
    Our Sancerre Blanc is pressed immediately (in pneumatic presses). The pressing is slow in order to extract the purest juice. After settling, the fermentations (with natural yeasts) are being processed with progressive temperatures (15 to 18°C) with sticks. It rests on fine lees as long as possible. It is then glued to the purified earth, cold and filtered (Kieselguhr). Our vinification strives for finesse and expression of the terroir.

    The Sancerre Rouge is entirely harvested by hand and sorted out on a sorting table on the vineyard. Upon arrival, the harvest is destemmed. After a fortnight’s fermentation, it is partially aged in thermo-regulated new oak barrels (half-muids of 600L).

    The Sancerre Rosé is vinified "en gris". It means pressed immediatly after harvest.
This is a salmon / pink wine, it has grain and finesse.

    Some vintages, we make a "Grande Cuvée", harvested by hand in our old vines (more than 45 years old vines). This selection, aged 60 % in thermo-regulated oak barrels of 600L, provides with an elegant and rich wine.


    1. The Winery

    Our winery is entirely thermo-regulated in order to maintain the evolution of our winegrowing every day.

    2. The Cellar

    We renew our barrels every 3 years. The woods come from oak trees of different French forests. We use oak barrels for the Sancerre Rouge & the “Grande Cuvée” (Sancerre Blanc). We seek by these means to obtain elegant wines with a woody note that highlights and enhances the typicity and character of our wines

    3. The Bottling Process

    Every bottling is done by us, all year long. To preserve all the qualities of our wines, we give them a resting period of one month between bottling and marketing.


    Wine Tasting & Visit

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